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The page contains all patch notes for Before We Leave.

1.0118 (11/10/2020)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed 'Biome Penalty' icon for Wind/Solar generators not built on their preferred island type
  • Removed incorrect text in descriptions of Wind/Solar generators and Clean Power technology stating they could only be built on one type of island. We'll update the text with correct instructions as soon as we can get translations done(you can build them anywhere, they're just less efficient)
  • Added Chemicals and Cement to the list of resources shown in the Resource Details panel

1.0116 (08/10/2020)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed a small problem with helpful Minotaurs

Content Update #3 - Paving the Way (07/10/2020)[edit | edit source]

NEW FEATURES[edit | edit source]

Two new resources - Chemicals and Cement

  • Added new Chemical resource, which is produced from Oil
    • Chemicals have replaced some other resources in pre-existing buildings.
  • Added a new Cement resource, which is produced from Sand and Chemicals
    • Cement is required for many higher level buildings


  • You can now produce Stone Roads, Decorated Roads and Power Poles. In order to construct them you need the new Road Layer building, which is unlocked when any one of them is researched at the Library.
  • Stone Roads give Peeps a 50% speed boost. They use 1 Stone and 1 Cement.
  • Decorated Roads give Peeps a '+' Happiness boost while walking on them. They use 1 Good Luxury Item.
  • Power Poles will transmit power automatically from Generators to the front of buildings that use Power, so long as there’s a chain of Power Poles connecting the Generator to the building. They use 2 Wood and 1 Electronics.

New Effect - Gloom

  • Added in a new Gloom happiness effect. Some buildings cause surrounding tiles to have a "Gloom" effect on them which makes Peeps less happy. Mostly tall and industrial buildings
    • Apartments have a new adjacency bonus that reduces their Gloom effect if they're connected to a Power grid (but they don't use Power)

New Buildings

  • Chemical Plant - produces Chemicals.
  • Cement Maker - produces Cement.
  • Stepped Warehouse - a new Warehouse that can be constructed over a cliff, with one door at each level!

QUALITY OF LIFE ADDITIONS[edit | edit source]

  • Added the ability to drag out lines of roads and cancel with right-click
  • Added a selection ring when clicking on tiles! Why didn't we do this sooner?!
  • Musicians no longer consume resources each time they go out to work
  • When colonising a new Island, you can now choose any valid visible tile on the island, * not just ones adjacent to the Colony Ship
  • Updated how resources are prioritised to Construction Sites, so they will tend to be fed (and completed) in the order the sites are placed
  • Ship and Peep names can be drawn from text files - in the "C:/Users/<USER>/AppData/LocalLow/Balancing Monkey Games/Before We Leave/" folder, you can create "malePeepnames.txt", "femalePeepnames.txt" and/or "shipnames.txt", with one name per line in the file
  • Resource and Building Details panels are now divided into sections
  • When selecting a resource for a Warehouse or Shipping Lane, the resource selection dialog is divided into sections
  • Above the notifications is a button that you can click to see a list of all notifications from this play session
  • Notifications that go below the visible area are hidden until you clear some space for them
  • The Camera Smoothing effect is much stronger
  • Added a magnifying glass icon on mouseover of the Resource and Peep Details graphs, to indicate they can be clicked on for a larger version
  • Notification after a Space Whale attack is more informative when nothing was destroyed
  • Added tooltips to the two Overlay buttons when you've clicked on a Resource in the top bar dropdowns
  • Added the Filtering upgrade to a bunch more buildings
  • Shelters now show the number of Peeps even when it reaches 0
  • In Limited Peeps mode Ancient Ruins will no longer give you the Schools technology
  • Loading a game will turn that into your Cloud Save game
  • Added new notifications for when you first spot a Gremlin or Sphinx. The previous notifications are now displayed when you Scout or Colonise an island containing one
  • When a cinematic is playing, save-on-exit and autosave are disabled
  • Added 'O' as a shortcut for Overlays Mode
  • When Overlays or Roads menus are up, '1'-N control which Overlay/Road Options are selected instead of opening Building menus
  • Added two new options in Settings:
    • "Onscreen Camera Controls" shows controls for Zoom/Rotate Camera and Cancel action in the top right corner, to make touch screens more usable
    • "Left Mouse Button to Drag Camera" switches which ‘mouse buttons’ control the camera, in order to make pen/tablets more useable
  • In Resource Details, tooltip for the numbers also contains the numbers
  • Planet cards now show the Resources for the whole Planet, and also show the number of Peeps on the Planet
  • Load/Save game dialog has more space in it now
  • Submarines can now be retired like trade ships
  • Shipping Manifest Add Resource panel behaves more like the Warehouse one - shows already added resources as green rather than hiding them and stuff like that
  • Added a bunch of Quality of Life things to the shipping manifest - buttons to select the ship or port, close buttons on dialogs and stuff like that.
  • Made the Ship card taller
  • Make the Dump Resource button on ships red and gave it the demolish icon

CHANGES[edit | edit source]

  • Cleaners are now less efficient in cleaning up Pollution, but they can be upgraded. The upgraded Cleaner uses Chemicals instead of Water, and is slightly better than the old version
  • Batteries now require Chemicals instead of Iron
  • Whale Charmers now require Batteries in their construction, but then don't need Power to operate
  • Electronics Mines now become available once you invent Tinkering or Power Poles

Changes to Power[edit | edit source]

  • The Power output of the Wood Power Generator has been significantly reduced. The Power output of the Oil Power Generator has been increased slightly
  • Wind and Solar Power Generators have been slightly improved, but also can now be built on any island, although their efficiency degrades. Wind is most efficient on Snow islands, less efficient on Grass, and quite inefficient on Desert islands. Solar is most efficient on Desert islands, less on Grass and less again on Snow.
  • If you have a Sphinx that is now helping you, you are now allowed to demolish all other power buildings on the island if you want
  • Increased the Power consumption of some end-game buildings

FIXES[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed tooltip on Construct Submarine button
  • Fixed the Keys Settings menu so it accepts clicking a mouse button as the input, in case you want to assign mouse buttons to actions. IMPORTANT: This does not cause the left/right/middle mouse buttons to stop being used for their usual purposes, so you should probably only assign extra buttons (if you have any)
  • Fixed text for Marketplace upgrades
  • Fixed an issue where Range Lines would not be rendered after loading a second game
  • Fixed an issue where the Tutorial wouldn't advance when closing the Shipping mode
  • Fixed an issue where pressing Escape during the shipping manifest animation would cause it to be displayed along with the normal UI
  • Fixed an issue where the amount of power produced by a building was displayed wrong in the building preview card
  • Fixed camera movement in System View
  • Resolved an issue where, on islands with low populations, it was possible for a Peep to get stuck working on a construction site that couldn't proceed because the required resources weren't getting made because there weren't Peeps to work in the buildings that would produce the resources.
  • Fixed a bunch of edge cases where tiles weren't getting highlighted correctly when building things
  • Fixed issue where Submarines wouldn't complete exploring a sunken ruin when it's the last explore for that ruin
  • Fixed case where Peeps could try to demolish an elevator from the bottom even if that would leave them trapped
  • Fixed an issue with how Overlay Peep paths are rendered for Cleaners (and possibly others)
  • Fixed issue allowing multiple Space Elevators per planet
  • Fixed Fountain Tech/Building descriptions having different happiness +'s
  • Fixed an issue that was ending up with blank spaceship names
  • Fixed an issue where Peeps would stop working at a construction site if the island had none of the resources left but the construction site had all it needed
  • Fixed an issue where Luxuries could continue to affect a Peep after they'd returned home
  • Added in a guard against an issue where the game wouldn't run for someone because their resolution had somehow been set to 0
  • Notification on first reaching the lowest Expectations level now lists the correct numbers for Expectations
  • Prevented opening Shipping Mode with 'L' hotkey before it was supposed to be available
  • Fixed tooltip on Shipwright/Launchpad when constructing a (space)ship
  • Fixed an issue where a manually loading ship correctly wasn't counted as idle, but would still be selected if you clicked the Idle Ships button
  • Fixed a minor ship pathfinding error
  • Fixed dialogs/panels closing when going mouse down ON the dialog then mouse up OFF it
  • Fixed tutorial not advancing when closing shipping mode
  • Fixed explorers getting fatigued
  • Fixed bug where ships were getting caught on a highland-like tile in the sea

1.0101 (16/09/2020)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed an issue where some Kraken pieces could be eaten by a Space Whale before you discovered them. Sunken Ruins are no longer eaten by Whales, and games with incomplete Krakens will have a few extra Sunken Ruins added in to allow them to be completed

1.0099 (11/09/2020)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed an issue that was preventing saving player-set shipping resource limits on islands
  • Fixed an issue that was causing some range lines to not display when loading a second game in one play session

1.0098 (09/09/2020)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed an issue where Accommodation buildings could store more Food/Drink/Luxuries than their maximum in specific situations

1.0096 (01/09/2020)[edit | edit source]

  • Lots of work to make the reported Potential demand/production correct - things like buildings adjacency bonuses are taken into account, and potential bonuses from current maximum peep happiness levels
  • Fixed Resource Detail graphs to show actual Demand/Production numbers correctly - they used to be 1/6th of what they should be!
  • Fixed "Creates X per minute" numbers not always matching "X/m" numbers in building+construction cards
  • Fixed a couple of minor internal errors
  • Probably fixed an intermittent issue where Range Lines (e.g. Pollution range lines) would disappear
  • Fixed issue where Submarines couldn't explore Sunken Ruins on planets with < 6 Ruins
  • Fixed issues where some buildings wouldn't fetch Food/Drink resources in some cases
  • Fixed some random issues when UI was interacted with while leaving the screen
  • Empty accommodation buildings no longer reserve resources they can't collect
  • If a building is able to get less than a full load of one resource and a full load of a lesser resource (e.g. can get a little bit of Fruit but a full load of Potatoes) it will now go for the full load instead of the little bit
  • Fixed the resource demand info for Iron Ore, Stone + Electronics

1.0090 (28/08/2020)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed Resource Detail graphs to show actual Demand/Production numbers correctly - they used to be 1/6th of what they should be!
  • Fixed "Creates X per minute" numbers not always matching "X/m" numbers in building+construction cards
  • Fixed a couple of minor internal errors

Content Update #2 - Over and Under (26/08/2020)[edit | edit source]



  • Added 5 new overlays - press the new button above Roads in the bottom left to access them!
  • Clicking on a building with the occupancy/resource type overlays active will show you all the applicable peep paths to/from that building
  • The resource counters in the Top Bar dropdown are now buttons. Click on them to see an info panel detailing current amounts + total storage, and drag a slider to reserve some amount for shipping!  Clicking on any of the sections of the bars will cycle through the appropriate buildings or Peeps
  • Completely updated the Warehouse UI! There’s a whole new way to choose what Warehouses should store, and you can change how much of each resource they’ll store too.
  • In the Island Details panel (Accessed by clicking on the Island Name in the top bar we’ve added controls to the header. You can now:
    • Select whichever Planet/Island you want to view the information for
    • View the resource panel for the Whole Planet
    • Zoom to the selected island
    • Rename Planets
  • You can access the Resource Details panel when in Space View!  Just click on a planet and press the Resources button on it’s card
  • Planet cards now also display all resources *on the island containing a Landing Pad*, to aid in working out what to send between planets
  • The Resource Details panel now has more information about each resource. You can also click on the graphs to view enlarged versions


  • Increased storage of food and drink in Houses and Apartments
  • Added a notification for when a resource is depleted
  • Changed production times from seconds-per-resource to resources-per-minute
  • Pause icon pulses to make it a little more obvious
  • Shortened a few tooltips
  • Increased the number of construction workers on many larger/later buildings
  • Port cards now only show resources that are being Imported or Exported (or 'other' for random resources that are hanging around
  • Changed "Cloth" to "Fabric", so it's more distinct from "Clothing"
  • In Shipping Mode, indicate more clearly if an island is producing/consuming a resource.  Also show when adding resources to shipping lanes
  • Add info pins to ports when a ship is selected
  • If a building produces more than one resource per action, stop it from "over producing", which is no longer as necessary now we have peeps able to deliver their buildings outputs
  • You can now destroy unwanted Trade Ships
  • When a ship is selected you can click on a Port to sail up to it
  • Added a couple of things for our Weekly Challenges - you can now set the game time to be displayed in the main UI, and in the pause menu you’re now told the number of actions you’ve taken in the game (for new games)


  • Added Turkish and Brazilian Portuguese languages!
  • Added language specific images for the tutorial
  • Added options to increase mouse cursor size
  • Added options to remove clouds, or make them not react to the mouse
  • Added an option to smooth the camera movement
  • Added a night time brightness slider


  • Fixed frame rate dip when dragging construction preview around
  • Fixed description of Oil Well Filtering upgrade
  • Fixed the priority peeps use clothing at
  • Marketplaces now use different (mostly infinite) resources
  • In shipping manifest, when adding resources to a lane, remove added resources from the list of resources
  • Fixed bug with roads under Ports
  • Fixed tooltip text on a bunch of things, such as trying to demolish a shipwright/launch pad while it's building a (space)ship
  • Fixed issue where Details panel graphs wouldn't show up until you changed page
  • Improved the text on the notification when a Manual Spaceship arrives at its destination
  • Fixed issue where tooltips on the Expectations Graph wouldn't reflect the actual configured numbers
  • Fixed issue where resources discovered in a Sunken Ruin before the player had invented their required technology wouldn't show up in the UI
  • Repairing a destroyed building that was also upgraded now costs the full resource cost, not just the cost of the upgrade
  • Fixed the priority of Space Elevators so it won't prevent peeps from taking food
  • Deep Mine now shows which resource it will create when previewing on a tile
  • Peep locks on port cards update correctly
  • Fixed resources carried by peeps counting towards totals twice
  • Ship card for trade ships no longer says "Shipping Lane" above the buttons if it's not attached to a lane
  • Fixed some ancient technology not getting collected
  • Removed "Previous planet" icon when UI is hidden
  • Hide the Debug Mode toggle in New Game dialog
  • Prevent Whales from eating Guardians
  • Correctly calculate the demand for Power and Clothing
  • Reworked how power usage is reported - X/minute rather than Y seconds per use
  • Fixed a bug where your available housing would be displayed as "1K" while a new Shelter was being constructed
  • Prevented manually loading peeps+resources onto ships that are attached to a shipping lane, when they happen to be next to a Port
  • Fixed formatting of some percentage values in non-English Locales
  • Fixed tooltips not displaying for adjacency info and building description icons
  • Fixed some resource numbers displaying on two lines when in Simplified Chinese
  • Fix issue with resource caches appearing in the ocean
  • Changed sphinx/gremlin announcement notification to play when you colonise an island
  • Add tooltips to construction and building card resources to show their inputs and output usage rates
  • Fixed issues where the number of idle peeps was being reported incorrectly
  • Fixed issue where top bar reported peeps couldn't work because they are hungry/thirsty when that isn't the case
  • Fixed issue that displayed unemployed peep in Details Panel as if they had a workplace
  • Fixed resource counts when cancelling the upgrade of a Warehouse
  • Fixed a bunch of layout issues for other languages

1.0077 (11/08/2020)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed an issue where the end-game Space Whale wouldn't show up when playing on Easy/Very Easy
  • Allowed Sunken Ruins to generate Purple Research
  • Fixed an issue where finding a resource in a Sunken Ruin before you've researched it wouldn't show the resource in the UI

1.0074 (28/07/2020)[edit | edit source]

  • Rolled back the change that was causing Forests to be removed when the last tree was cut down. This is the way we want things to work, but given the "incorrect" behaviour has been around for so long, we need to consider how we want to make it work a bit more!

1.0073 (27/07/2020)[edit | edit source]

  • Possibly Fixed some strange behaviour caused by having a controller attached to your PC while playing Before We Leave
  • Changed the default peeps in Limited Peeps mode
  • Wrestlers don't try to fight a Minotaur if the Minotaur is somewhere the Wrestler can't reach
  • Fixed issue where peeps could get stuck inside rock if you place an initial Port next to high ground
  • Fixed buildings forgetting they have a road attached if the space whale eats everything and then you replace the road
  • Fixed forests not getting removed if their last tree is cut down, but also fixed woodcutters priorities to make this much less likely to happen
  • Lowered the priority of Cleaners fetching Water, so they won't steal it away from Peeps needing a drink
  • Fixed Ambient sounds not being affected by SFX volume

1.0072 (20/07/2020)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed notification that was reporting a completed Large Trade Ship as a Scout Ship
  • Fixed orbit range of Colony Spaceships around Uncolonised Planets. Note that this is not fixed for Colony Spaceships currently orbiting uncolonised planets, only for when they arrive

1.0071 (15/07/2020)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed issue with transferring passengers from spaceships to planets
  • Fixed reporting of passenger numbers on ships/spaceships when a Port/Landing Pad is selected

Content Update #1 - The Kraken Comes (08/07/2020)[edit | edit source]


  • Added a new Advanced Shipping technology!
    • Large Trade Ships carry more resources
    • Submarines can carry resources, but more importantly they can Explore sunken ruins to find resources or other, less welcome, things...
  • Added a button to remove a Shipping Lane. Shipping Lanes no longer vanish when you remove the last resource from it
  • When adding a new shipping lane, we do our best to auto-select a valid pair of ports
  • Manual Spaceship Trading, including carrying Peeps between planets!
  • You can now invent the ability to build your own Shelters!! Peeps will go hide in a Shelter if available, which keeps them safe from Space Whales!!
  • Added a new "Limited Peeps" gameplay modifier - choose how many Peeps you get in your first Shelter, and that's it - no more can be made!
  • Peeps will now Deliver resources as well as Fetching them!
    • Production workers whose output is full will deliver their resources to warehouses
    • Warehouse workers who have nothing to collect will deliver resources to buildings that need it
    • Warehouse peeps will deliver goods to multiple buildings in one trip
    • Most buildings (where it makes sense) have new controls below the Workers section where you can control when Fetching and Delivery will happen


  • Added the Kraken Guardian
  • The Sphinx, the Minotaur, the Kraken and Gremlins can now help you! How this happens is up to you to discover...
  • Gremlins will stop stealing a resource if the target building gets lit after the gremlin starts heading for it
  • Light towers now have full range regardless of the number of workers, and only need 2 workers
  • Space Whales will now target any planet, rather than only targeting planets that have Space Elevators


  • Altered how adjacency penalties are displayed for pollution etc
  • Initial landing on a new planet doesn't surround the spaceship with roads, so it feels more like you've just arrived
  • Changed how spaceships work for moving and colonising. In particular, you now move the Colony Spaceship to an uncolonized world then click Colonize
  • Moved the Game Rules in the pause menu into their own dialog
  • When you're on an island without a library, made it so the disabled construction buttons still show the icon for the building, and their tooltip contains the building name
  • Pause menu now shows the in-game elapsed time
  • Production rate for Bread and Wheat increased a bit
  • Solar Generators can store more power
  • Wind generators are slightly less efficient
  • Sand Mines have a different adjacency bonus now
  • Desalination Plant makes Salt twice as fast
  • Made the Meeting Square prettier
  • Fixed trees not always standing back up when they regrow
  • Fixed some Space Whale-related issues
  • Fixed a couple of issues with the displayed building cards when you click on a notification which zooms you to another planet
  • Fixed issue where wrong Ancient Tech colour would be displayed in building cards warning when an island runs out
  • Made spaceship paths more visible when they're just setting off
  • Stopped planets rolling out on load, to prevent a bad slowdown when switching to Space Mode
  • Prevent Power draining from paused buildings
  • Allow bridges to be demolished if there's (probably) another valid path to reach the other side
  • Battery Plants will no longer take Power from a Battery Generator on the same island
  • Fixed adjacency bonuses not happening when the neighbouring building is upgraded
  • Discovered that Forests only absorb pollution when they're regrowing a tree. Changed it so that they always absorb pollution (but still very slowly)
  • Fixed a subtle bug that could allow a Peep to load onto a Ship or Spaceship when they shouldn't, which could leave the building they were working in in a bad state
  • Fixed a few cases where you could get a small area of high ground filled up with mines/mountains so there's no space to harvest them from
  • Difficulty settings now have their own separate dialog when creating a new game. Also added some new settings
  • Cloud Saves should be working through the Epic Launcher now!

1.0053 (08/06/2020)[edit | edit source]

  • Added an option to turn off the Planet/Space transitions
  • If multiple ships wind up on the same tile, some of them will quietly reposition to a neighbouring tile
  • Updated a bunch of building models to be prettier
  • Added a Gamma slider to graphics options
  • Graphics settings are applied when the game first opens, not when going to the Main Menu
  • Fixed an issue in shipping where a (space)ship could end up carrying more than it was allowed to
  • Fixed some layout issues with large numbers in the shipping manifest
  • When saving a game, the default save name should be the name of the last manual save you loaded
  • Improved the display of Power in the Battery Plant (where Power is used like a normal resource)
  • Added some people that were missing from the credits
  • Cancelling an upgrade via the demolition tool no longer asks you to confirm you want to demolish the building
  • Peeps can now be renamed
  • Stasis boxes now hold a few more resources, but won't give you resources you haven't encountered yet

1.0051 (03/06/2020)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed missing Chinese characters from new text

1.0050 (03/06/2020)[edit | edit source]

  • Updated announcement dialog to have correct numbers

1.0049 (03/06/2020)[edit | edit source]

  • Overpopulation is now Expectations:
    • Peeps happiness has a min and max, which grows when you invent Houses and again when you invent Tinkering
    • Peeps move/work speed is a sliding scale according to their happiness
    • Expectation thresholds are now 60, 120, 180, 240, but are "greater than" rather than "greater than or equal"
    • Added an Expectations graph to the Peep dropdown in the top bar
    • Updated a bunch of tooltips and notifications
    • Updated all the technology and building descriptions that affect happiness or pollution to give more information
  • Updated Unity version. In particular this should prevent a hard crash when Alt-Tabbing in Fullscreen mode
  • Added some more music to the late game
  • When a building is selected, peeps that live/work there get info pins that show what they're doing - travelling, fetching resources etc
  • Ancient Ruins disappear when explored
  • Peeps take more/different things into account when deciding where to fetch from.  In particular, except for Warehouses, they'll take the Fatigue distance into account on Desert/Snow islands
  • In Space View, planet labels don't try to avoid each other
  • Allow placing a bridge when it's only trees blocking it on the other side
  • Fix an issue where upgrading your Port on and island with no Elevators, Shelters or other Ports would make all your peeps freeze
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing showing a Resource name tooltip for the resources in the Details Panel
  • Left click outside the panel to close Technology, Details and Shipping Manifest panels
  • When editing the resource for a space shipping lane, it shows the names of the Planets not the Islands where the Landing Pads are places
  • Peeps fetching algorithm is tuned a bit differently.  For example, it will prioritise emptying a Warehouse that contains too many of one resource (because you selected other resources once it was full, for example)
  • Prevented entering a negative number for the Leave/Maintain values when editing a shipping resource.  Also, entering 0 for Maintain changes it back to Infinite mode
  • Fixed a core bug that was showing up as some weird behaviour if you double clicked when demolishing a road
  • Changed how the camera is controlled in Space View.  Also enabled following spaceships and planets in Space View
  • Musicians now have a smaller effect, but it keeps affecting the Peep for 20 seconds after they're out of range of the musician
  • Fixed a bug that would occasionally make the first island on a new game able to grow Fruit
  • Improved lighting when jumping between planets
  • Uncolonised planets are a bit more visible
  • Food icon is now different from the Meal icon
  • Altered the info pins for peeps when they're gathering resources
  • Colour of research amounts on Technology button changes if it goes from 'not enough' to 'enough' while tech panel is open
  • Fixed an issue that was blocking clicking the Colonise button for a Colony Spaceship
  • Removed Expectations graphs if Expectations option is turned off
  • Musicians now affect all nearby peeps, not just those that are walking.  Note that Fountains still only affect walking Peeps
  • Fixed a bug that was causing huge amounts of resources to accumulate in Ports
  • Spaceship paths are highlighted when selected, and their source and target planets name labels are highlighted too
  • Added a new goal to the tutorial step that asks you to build an Explorer and Library on your second island to also "Establish your village" that completes when you build a Hut
  • Fixed a bug where resources would get lost if a peep was heading out to fetch them when you saved your game!
  • Entirely rewrote the code that decides to report "No power" or "No resources" on the building cards.  It now should be much more accurate, and it lists (one of) the resources it's waiting for!

1.0043 (26/05/2020)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed an issue with game generation to ensure that there is enough of each Fertility. Fixed for existing and new games (so you may see new fertilities on some of your islands on load)

1.0042 (26/05/2020)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed some edge cases around demolition + bridges
  • Fixed an issue where peeps going up + down an elevator on the same tile (i.e. up -> across tile -> down) would ignore the second elevator and just float down to the ground
  • Cleaners are immune to pollution unhappiness
  • Hopefully made the tutorial around adding the Explorers Hut and Library to Island 2 immune to people doing weird stuff (e.g. demolishing them from Island 1 before/during the step. Should also now behave correctly if you save/load while on that step)
  • Recoloured Ancient Tech icons
  • Made peeps wander about on construction sites
  • Changed Fatigued icon to be clearly different from Sad
  • Light towers no longer drain power when not working
  • Fixed wonky Launch Pad card just after launching a spaceship
  • Fixed issue where overwriting a saved game would list it twice when loading
  • Meeting squares work much better - they actually increase peep happiness a lot
  • Automated Iron Mine/Quarry now correctly use up their neighbouring source resource
  • Fixed some edge cases with peeps getting stuck in weird places
  • Fixed parties at the meeting square so that peeps don't leave early and other weirdness
  • In Graphics Options, FOV slider is labelled correctly and has an indicator for the default value
  • Rubbish/Ancient Tech isn't listed in Resource Details anymore (just like Tree Trunks aren't listed)
  • Filtering upgrade completely removes pollution from buildings
  • Fixed issue where hovering over ship in the Shipping Manifest to see what it's carrying wouldn't close the hover-panel if you closed the Shipping Manifest with Esc
  • Fixed the Space Elevator not filling up to maximum
  • Reversed how Protective Clothing is counted in Protective Elevators to make more sense
  • Automated Mines now use up power even when there aren't any workers
  • If a Sphinx wants to ask a riddle, and the island contains a Museum that would answer except it's workers are off resting, the Sphinx will wait. Note that this won't work for a Museum that has no workers
  • Fixed issue where you could create several Museums on an island, just with different upgrade levels
  • Pausing upgrades will actually pause work on them
  • Fixed the UI of the Landing Pad so it's resources aren't selectable
  • Hungry Peeps that start a demolition will finish it before heading home
  • Icon in Peeps Work Timer changes to show when they're going home
  • Solar and Wind Power Generators don't have priority buttons anymore (as they didn't actually do anything)
  • Fixed a significant issue where games with 3, 4, or 6 planets wouldn't have enough research to finish the game on their outermost planets! Fixed for both current and new games

1.0040 (23/05/2020)[edit | edit source]

  • Because of a missed action in our source control, 1.0039 was missing a couple of things that had been fixed in 1.0035! This is corrected now

1.0035 (21/05/2020)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixing a blocking bug with space whale attacks

1.0032 (21/05/2020)[edit | edit source]

  • Shipping changes:
    • Edit Shipping dialog now allows you to set "Maintain" rather than "Take", and contains more info
    • Manual Port<->Ship dialog now contains more info
    • Updated Shipping Tutorial
  • Cleaners have buckets of water and brushes!!
  • On "No resources from demolition" mode, stop creating empty resource caches
  • Fix various cases where Info Pins would bob up and down repeatedly
  • When dragging out roads, prevent them from accidentally replacing things they shouldn't
  • Screenshots now go in a "Before We Leave" folder within the Pictures folder
  • Fixed tooltip on output resources to not say the wrong thing
  • Fixed display of power in some cases
  • Prevent minotaur from ending up on the water
  • Fixed an issue with Meeting Squares holding onto peeps after the party finishes
  • Fixed an issue where Cleaners wouldn't clean their own buildings tile when it was polluted
  • Fixed some tutorial issues around building/demolishing Explorer Huts
  • Stop following a peep if you change planets
  • If two libraries are assigned to research different tech, where one requires the other, prevent the later tech from being researched until the earlier one is done
  • Fix layout of fertilities in top bar when switching between islands
  • Properly fix issues around building Spaceships and Ships (ruined or not)
  • Prevent clicking on the Colonise button of a Colony spaceship before it's properly finished
  • Electronics Piles are reduced by Automated Electronics Mines as they should be
  • Fixed a significant cause of Peeps getting stuck and not moving
  • Added animation to the Deep Mine
  • Prevented Peeps fetching resources for a building that they're supposed to be demolishing
  • Allowed peeps to cross over a bridge with a resource cache under it
  • Updated the Upgrade button
  • Made the Island Details panel wider
  • Updated the colours of the Research resource icons
  • Prevented building multi-tile buildings with their back tiles directly under an in-construction bridge or elevator
  • Many 3-tile buildings can have their 'entrance' on the other front edge of their main tile, to allow for placing them in more situations
  • Prevent placing the first Port on an island in some obviously blocked cases
  • Fixed a couple of text errors
  • Added a FOV slider to Graphics Settings

1.0024 (16/05/2020)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed an issue that was preventing Ruined Spaceships from being repaired

1.0023 (16/05/2020)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed an issue where when Peeps returned home from fetching resources, they would actually think they'd arrived at work!! This was probably causing all sorts of strange behaviour - in particular it's the cause of the reports of peeps floating over water that we've been seeing!
  • Added a new resource priority system!! Basically, any building will only be allowed to collect resources if there are enough available that all buildings of higher priority will be able to get the resources they want when they need them. There's more grades than just High/Medium/Low too, so, for example, Construction and Upgrade get bumped up above other buildings of the same priority, Accomodation is slightly lower (so peeps get food only after kitchens etc have had a chance) and Warehouses/Ports are lower still
  • Minotaur upgrades should now only happen if the player has settled an island that has the fertility for the things required to upgrade a Training Ground to combat it
  • Sphinxes only fire every 20 minutes now, and a fully upgraded Museum should always defend against it (it already should have, but there was a gap we closed)
  • Slightly reduced the amount on Mountains per island, reduced the chance of generating All Flat/Mostly High islands, improved guarantees of at least 2 Rusty Hulks/Electronics piles per island
  • Cancel Upgrade tooltip with demolition tool now correctly says "Cancel Upgrade" and doesn't list the resources you'd get for demolishing the building
  • Hiding the UI proper deselects a selected building
  • Cleaners now properly report how much water they use per job, and get a warning overlay if they can't get water
  • Fixed up some issues with Shipping Manifest dialogs either flickering or sitting below the bottom of the screen
  • Cleaners shouldn't now try to clean the tiles next to Astrobaleenium
  • Fixed some issues with the Ruined Ship

1.0020 (14/05/2020)[edit | edit source]

Removed the 'discovery' about Schools, as it would fire at the wrong time during tutorials - will fix properly later

Fixed the layout of Upgrade buttons with > 3 requirements

1.0019 (14/05/2020)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixes to how Protective Elevators count peeps up on the Astrobaleenium
  • Fixed the issue that was naming the second planet "Planet 3"
  • Fixed at least one case of the issue with tooltips getting stuck
  • Fixed Tutorial dialog appearing behind other UI elements
  • Fixed some issues where Shipping Manifest UI elements would disappear or move when a Ship/Spaceship docked at a Port/Planet
  • Fixed issue that was making Details Panels disappear and reappear when changing between tabs
  • Removed an extra ".png" from the end of screenshot filenames
  • Returned the mechanic where fields grow food even when someone isn't working in them! This was removed because some people found it confusing, but I forgot that it was actually a vital mechanic! Oops :(
  • Changed how some UI elements are laid out in building cards, which will hopefully fix some odd layout issues
  • Fixed the number shown for amount of Water Cleaners use - they always used 5 per action, it just said 1. Also increased the amount of Water that Cleaners store
  • Added an extra Tutorial step to say not to demolish all your trees
  • Added some Discoveries to help people understand a few places where they were getting confused

1.0015 (14/05/2020)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed an error in the UI of Launch Pads that prevented building Trade Spaceships

1.0014 (13/05/2020)[edit | edit source]

  • Cleaners and Field workers move about
  • Soap bubbles on cleaning tiles!
  • Info pin on buildings when all their worker slots are locked
  • Fixed issue where launching multiple spaceships would only have one appear in space
  • F12 creates a screenshot in your Pictures folder (IMPORTANT : It still works when in No UI mode, but it doesn't notify you, seeing as there's no UI)
  • Made Shipwright/Launch Pad construction tasks resize to fit their descriptions
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing building a Colony Spaceship if a Trade Spaceship was being built elsewhere
  • Most tutorial steps now have an image to show you what we mean
  • Cleaners should now properly clean Slightly Polluted tiles that aren't occupied by a building or road
  • On a new island, if the Library completes construction while you've got a construction category, the building buttons should now update properly
  • When a Port is selected, ships that are loading Peeps now display properly
  • Fixed "Ship can't move on land" and other tooltips appearing when the mouse is over the UI and also over land
  • Ships now stop playing music when they arrive in Port, so as not to interfere with any land-based music
  • Click on Tutorial Goals to review the step text
  • Pause/Unpause/Change priority on all buildings of the same type by Shift-clicking on the Pause/Priority buttons
  • Removed a thing where Fields would continue to grow resources even when a Peep wasn't working on them
  • Aegis Shield now only uses 1 Power every 2 seconds
  • "Select Warehouse resources" tutorial step works if you've got multiple warehouses

1.0012 (12/05/2020)[edit | edit source]

  • Tutorial games loaded from a save (as opposed to started fresh) are 100% less busted

1.0011 (12/05/2020)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed an issue that could block finishing a Ruined Ship if you were able to place a Bridge just so
  • Fixed an issue that allowed you to demolish a Library while it was researching
  • Construction sites that can't get enough of a resource now tell you how much they need etc in their tooltip
  • Demolish + Road buttons are disabled right at the start of the tutorial
  • Added a little space to the left of the Technology Panel, so the first tech isn't masked by the edge fade
  • The amount of time it takes to clean pollution of a tile now changes based on how polluted it is
  • Aegis Shield effect now displays * Slightly increased the rate at which Fuel is produced
  • Fixed some minor graphical optimisations * Hugely increased the storage limits of the Library
  • Fixed an issue that could allow a planet to have multiple "all flat" or "mostly highground" islands
  • "All flat" desert islands get more green tiles
  • Number of planets is displayed in Game Rules on pause menu
  • Fixed an issue that made spaceships skip around on their flightpaths
  • Added Previous/Next Island buttons and hotkeys. Hotkeys are '<' and '>'
  • Fixed atmosphere displaying on uncolonized planets
  • Warehouse scrollbar resets to the top every time
  • Escape key closes building 'card' if displayed
  • Fixed title of tutorial dialogs during shipping tutorial
  • Made the adjacency bonus for Quarries require two Mountains, and removed the bonus on Deep Mine and Astrobaleenium Mine
  • During Cinematic Mode you can no longer click on tiles, but you can access the Pause Menu with Esc, although saving your game is disabled
  • Fixed an issue that left a building selected but it's card removed after going to the Details Panel
  • Allowed enough space for 3 digits in Idle Workers etc
  • Ports no longer show "(Upgrading)" in various places when they're upgrading, as it was making their name too long.

1.0009 (11/05/2020)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed an issue where the cinematic "whale attack" camera could be triggered twice
  • Limited the framerate to 120FPS (or less) when VSync is off. We plan to make this configurable later
  • Improved the paths that spaceships take
  • Fixed an issue with bridges over water
  • "No Guardians" mode should now prevent Space Whales as well
  • Hopefully fixed an issue that was preventing opening Technology dialogs to start research
  • Made menu backgrounds always fill the screen nicely
  • Allowed building a road next to a Port if somehow the road gets removed
  • End game cinematic mode shouldn't get triggered repeatedly now
  • Fixed issue where "No Power" was displayed for a building when it should display "No Resources". Also, the particular resource that's lacking has a warning icon on it now

1.0005 (10/05/2020)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed an issue where some planets generated without Oil
  • Turning off Overpopulation should now not say. your islands are overpopulated when you go over the thresholds
  • If you delete all your saved games, the Continue button should disable now
  • Fixed an issue where if you changed language you couldn't then change keybindings without restarting the game
  • Hopefully actually fixed the issue about pregenerating data on first load that was causing all sorts of grief

1.0004 (09/05/2020)[edit | edit source]

  • Fix issue where some islands generate without Rusty Hulks (game seed 21832586 was like that)
  • Fixed an internal error that was complaining when pregenerating planet data files on first load

1.0003 (09/05/2020)[edit | edit source]

  • Prevent demolishing a library while it's researching
  • Prevent demolishing a launchpad with a completed spaceship on it
  • Prevent starting research on a library that's marked for demolition
  • Allow scrolling all the way down the Keys preferences list
  • Make the No Peeps "warning" green on the workers area of a building card when the warning is caused by the output being full
  • Fixed juddering credits scroll
  • Fixed a couple of other minor errors

1.0000 (08/05/2020)[edit | edit source]

  • Release of BWL